Bin collections

Changes to bin collections

What has changed?

From 3 June, a new contractor is now emptying the bins in Elmbridge.  You’ll see new vehicles and staff who work for Amey and while most of your bins will be emptied on the same day, there have been some small changes:

  • The collections now start slightly earlier, so you need to make sure that your rubbish, recycling and food waste bins are left on your property boundary from 6.30am.

  • You might find that your bins are being emptied at a different time of day.

  • A separate vehicle is now collecting your food waste, so that bin will be emptied at a different time to your rubbish or recycling bin.

A small number of flats and properties in Weybridge with communal collection arrangements have had their collection day changed or their rubbish and recycling days swapped over. These residents should have received a letter or postcard explaining the changes.

Why have the changes happened?

The changes are the first phase of a new initiative which has seen Elmbridge’s waste services combined with three other local councils in Surrey to form Joint Waste Solutions. This new organisation is managing the new waste collection contract with Amey across all four areas and will save around £2.5m a year whilst maintaining high quality services.

How will the savings be made?

Working together will enable more efficient and effective use of vehicles, depot facilities and route planning. In addition, access to advanced ICT solutions will provide better data to help improve our services and communications, which will help residents to recycle more.

Will there be further changes?

Residents will hear more about this from Joint Waste Solutions later in the year, including some exciting improvements to the current recycling service.

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