Illegal moorings in the Borough

We are aware of an increase in boats moored without permission along the River Thames. The River has a complex range of land owners, and only the owners of the land that the boats are moored on can take action against an illegal mooring. Land owners could include the Environment Agency, Network Rail or in a minority of recent cases Elmbridge Borough Council. At this point the landowner could consider applying to the Courts for a possession order, or other powers under their jurisdiction.

Elmbridge Borough Council has no powers to move/evict boats which are not moored on Elmbridge owned land but continues to work with other agencies to try and resolve this issue. We are working closely with the EA who are taking action against a number of illegally moored boats.

The Environment Agency (EA) will also seek to take action against any incidents of pollution in the river that are reported to them. If you witness any dumping of waste into the river you can report to the EA on their hotline 0800 807060 and the EA will investigate. 

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