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My Neighbourhood Help

How do I set a location?

When using My Neighbourhood for the first time, the current location will not be set.

To set a required location, enter as much of the address as you know in the Search for a location panel and hit the Find button

Search for location

The more you enter the shorter the list of addresses you will have to select from.

The matching address entries will be displayed as a list beneath the Search for a location panel.
[In this example we just entered "civic" which then shows a list of addresses which contain "civic" in the address.]

location list

If you do not see the entry you require in the list either click on Next or Previous or narrow your search by entering more of the address in the Search for a location panel.

To select an address simply click on the entry in the list.

The current location is now set and displayed in the Address Bar.

To change the current location, select the Change button Change Button and repeat the process.

To delete the current location, select the Reset page button.




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