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My Neighbourhood

It's right up your street!

|My House Web GraphicMy Neighbourhood
Use 'My Neighbourhood' to find out local information relevant to any address in the Borough. Whether you've just moved into the area, want to know what day your bins are collected, find out who your local councillor is or need to check out your nearest schools - My Neighbourhood is the tool for you.

|My Maps Web GraphicMy Maps
E-Maps is our interactive mapping service. Use it to find the locations of planning applications, wards and councillors, recycling centres, car parks, police and fire stations, leisure and educational facilities and much more.

|image of help keyboardHelp
Online help and tools for using Interactive maps.

If you can't find what you want or have a great idea for our site - |please let us know.

Disclaimer and Copyright Information

By using My Neighbourhood or E-Maps you are deemed to have agreed that you will comply with our Terms and Conditions, and to have read the |Disclaimer, Copyright and Privacy Statement.

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