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Schools and College in Sport

|Schools and Colleges SportSchool Club Links

In order to grow sports clubs, a school club link with a local school is highly recommended. However, under new direction schools only wish to work with sports clubs who have gained Clubmark accreditation or in exceptional cases working towards Clubmark. If you wish to grow your club using juniors, the Sport and Physical Activity Strategy highlights the need to gain |Clubmark Accreditation.

Surrey School Games

Surrey as a county is a part of the pilot for the National School Games. Which aim to provide a new competition structure across a range of sports that will be based around those participants reaching the highest levels if talented enough. For more information on the |Surrey School Games visit their website.

P&G Surrey Youth Games

The |P&G Surrey Youth Games is the largest annual sporting event in Surrey for young people of differing age groups 5 - 16 years old, ability levels and gender. The sports, age groups and levels are set by the national governing bodies of that particular sport. The sports surrey youth games final logo 2010and age groups on offer, range from beginners to 'B' Team squad players. All participants must be under county standard. Training starts around Easter and the competition weekend is in June. For more information and or to register, visit the |P&G Surrey Youth Games page.



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