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Shout! Holiday Activities Consultation 2014

Overall, 91% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the 2014 Shout! Holiday programme (up 5% from 2013). 27% had booked Shout! for the first time. 100% said they would be happy to recommend the scheme to friends and other parents.

Shout! Activities

The new Sports and Arts Camps proved to be the most popular choice with 15.3% of children attending, followed by Shout! Xcel (14.5%) and Arts and Crafts (12.9%). When asked about other activities they would like to see taking place at Shout!, parents listed basketball, rugby, ballet, orienteering, gymnastics and Zumba for children as well as activities for over 12 year olds.

Core or extended day + flexibility of length of course

80% of parents booked an extended day. The flexibility for longer hours remains popular. The fact that Sports and Arts was bookable by the day was received very positively by parents.

StaffBoy playing at Shout Activity Scheme

96% of parents thought staff were approachable (an increase of 6% from last year) and 96% said they had a positive attitude. Overall 91% rated the Shout! Staff as very good and good. 95% (+ 5% from last year) were satisfied that their children's needs had been met and 91% thought that Shout! Staff were very good/good at managing children's behaviour.

Site Location

96% of parents thought the activity sites were easily accessible and 87% were satisfied with the facilities on site. The Xcel Leisure Complex was the most attended site with 24% of children booked on the sports courses, followed by Bell Farm School with 19% and King George's Hall (17%). 91% rated security onsite as being very good or good (+ 18.2% from 2013).

Comments on the courses for the under 5s

73% of parents indicated they were interested in activities for under 5s. They would like to see the following additional activities at Shout!: Playball, More tennis dates, Dancing, Drama and Gymnastics.

Registration procedure and information on site

Overall, 96% (+10% from 2013) of parents were satisfied with the registration procedure. 80% (+15% since 2013) of parents thought that the information on safeguarding children issued at registration point was satisfactory and 71% were satisfied with the information on site procedure. A few complaints were received regarding the number of forms and the time spent to complete them when dropping off children at the activities.

Booking line

93% found the telephone reservation procedure easy to understand, 89% convenient and 88% efficient (-4% from 2013). A comment was made about the length of time a parent had to wait before she got through and asking if a "call waiting" phone system could be installed so callers could be placed in a queue.
100% of parents found the reservation line staff very helpful (+5% from last year). 88% of parents found the telephone payment system good or very good (+10% from 2013).

Marketing - how did parents find out about Shout!?

Brochure in book bags remains the most popular, followed by website, email, posters and flyers distributed in libraries. Recommendations are also mentioned by several parents.

More card and value for money

78% of courses were booked by more card holders (+17% from 2013) and 20% by non-card holders. 2% benefited from concessionary rates. 86% thought Shout! courses represented good or very good value for money.


79% of parents used the Shout! Web pages to download the brochure (35%), find contact details (21%), check the times of courses (20%) and location (13%).
When asked what other information they would like to see on the website, parents indicated they would like to be able to book and pay online, check the number of children and adults per session, find out about qualifications checks done on staff , check the Shout holiday dates in advance and get the contact numbers for the individual Shout! sites.

Equal opportunities

6% of children taking part in the Shout! Activities had long term statemented additional needs, with 67% of them requiring additional assistance on site. Parents acknowledged that 100% of their needs had been met Shout!

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