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Shout! Holiday Activities Consultation

Consultation 2013

At the end of the summer holidays each year, we send out a consultation to all parents that have used Shout! Holiday Activities. We are always keen to hear what you think about the services we provide, |view the results to find out how we did.

Overall, 86% of respondents said were very satisfied or satisfied with the 2013 Shout! Holiday programme.

Most popular activities in 2013
The Shout! Play Days proved to be the most popular choice with 18% of children attending, followed by Arts and Crafts (14%) and Sports Courses (13%). Drama and dance amounted to 10% of bookings and Cookery 7%. Activity Schemes recorded 6%. 5% of participants booked on the new Totstennis and Tennis for Fun courses.
85% of parents thought the activities were good or very good.

When asked about other activities they would like to see taking place at Shout!, parents listed pony/horse riding, the climbing wall at Xcel, trampolining, a wider variety of sports for the under 8s and separate sports activities for older children.
Horse riding and the climbing wall at Xcel are expensive activities to run and in order to offer parents the most value for money we are happy to direct parents to |a list of riding clubs in Elmbridge and to |the Xcel Leisure Complex where they can find out more information about the climbing wall. This summer, we have introduced a range of sports activities for the under 5s including Totstennis and Ezeesport. Totstennis was a popular course and 49% of parents have indicated they would be interested in further activities for the under 5s to take place. This is an area we will be developing further during the Easter and Summer Holidays 2014. A Junior Triathlon course was organised for the 10 to 15 year old group recording low attendance.

When asked how they would like their children to use their time during the day on the Activity Schemes, 65% of parents preferred children to have a choice of structured activities to pick from.
In summer and during October Half Term, children were given more options of how to spend their time. They could choose between quiet room (board games, books, cards etc), a sport or outdoor activity and an arts and crafts activity. Each Site Leader has a timetable broken down into hourly slots with a choice of at least 2 different activities on offer at all times. |See an example of a day at the Activity Scheme.Children learning fire skills

57% of booking this year were for extended weeks (8.30am to 5.30pm).
This confirmed that parents welcomed the flexibility of longer hours, especially working parents. Some parents have indicated they would like the option to book selected days on weekly sports courses. We have successfully trialled this during the October Half Term holiday and will look into introducing this format again during the Easter and Summer Holidays in 2014.

93% of parents thought the quality of staff was high
We have again recruited high calibre of staff to look after your children, we look for those that have the initiative and flair to provide exciting, fun, challenging and safe activities.

Registration procedure and information on sites
Overall, 86% of parents were satisfied with the registration procedure. We have continued to train staff to make registering your child as quick and straightforward as possible. We have reviewed our |policies and procedures and recommend that you view them so you know how we operate.

Booking Line
We are glad that overall, 93% of parents are happy with the service you receive when booking, however we believe there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to |let us know your comments.

Shout! brochure and new look
88% of parents said they liked the new Shout! logo and 89% though th brochure looked good. We have reviewed the contents of the brochure taking into account all parent's views over the last few years. Some parents have indicated the brochure was too busy. This is due to the fact that we endeavour to include as much information as possible so that parents do not spend additional time researching for the information they need. If you have any further comments, please feel free to |let us know.

When asked what other information they would like to see on the website, parents indicated they would like to be able to book and pay online. When visiting the Shout! pages, they would also like to view pictures of the activities, download medical and permission forms, find location maps for the activities and check if the extended option is available on some of the activities.
We have investigated this facility and in order to keep costs down, we will not be progressing with online bookings at this stage. We publish pictures of previous Shout! activities on our |Facebook page and also on these pages. You can |complete and download a Medical and Consent form on these pages. |Go to the Venue page to view the locations that we operate from. |Find out more about the Shout! Activity Scheme and the core and extended day options.

Shout! Holiday Activities Facebook Page
Please |"like" our Facebook Page to receive up to the minute updates and information

Equal opportunities
Shout! Holiday Activities offers an integrated service and we are happy to make adjustments for children who have additional needs. |Contact us to find out more.

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