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Shout! Procedures, Policies and Safeguarding Children

Many parents ask "What happens if I am late to pick up my child?", "What is your behaviour policy?", "My child does not know this venue do you have a fire drill practice?"

Most of these questions should be answered in the |Shout! Procedures and Policies. It has recently been updated after small changes made by Ofsted and as part of ongoing reviews of bets practice. Copies are held at each venue for parents to take away.

If you are looking for a specific policy, please download them below:
Staff and girl playing tennis

Elmbridge Borough Council and Shout! are totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of the children and young people that attend our courses. Our staff receive safeguarding training in line with the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board training for people working with children and young people. Shout! takes its obligations very seriously to report any concerns to the appropriate agency. All staff and Officers strictly adhere to the |Shout! Safeguarding Children Policy.

Don't forget to complete a |Medical and Consent Form before your child attends a Shout! course.

If you have any further questions about what happens on Shout!| contact the Play Development Officer or call 01372 474634.

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