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Shout! Holiday Activities Information

This information page includes details on what to bring to all of our holiday activity courses. Please familiarise yourself with our |Procedures and Policies as these are important for your piece of mind and to allow your child to have as much fun as they would like.

Please check the confirmation letter details against the Shout! brochures. |If you have any questions or queries please contact us

When you arrive at the venue please make sure you sign your child/ren in and give the Site Leader the |Medical and Consent form. Also please let the Site Leader know any additional information, for example, if somebody else is picking the child up at the end of the course. Please make sure you or the agreed person signs the child out at the end of the day.

Each Site Leader has a mobile contact telephone number; their name and telephone number and other useful reminders on the back will be on a business card that you will be given upon signing your child in at the Reception desk.

What does your child need to bring?shout - child caving

  • Lunch (for day-long activities), snacks and plenty to drink in a bottle. Please note there are no fridge facilities at any of our sites.
  • Wear suitable clothing for all weathers
  • Sun cream and hat (weather permitting!)
  • Medical and consent form, (you should receive a medical and consent form per child for every site that your child attends)
  • Apron for art and craft workshops.
  • Wellies, waterproofs and warm clothes for Woodland Adventures.
  • For sport courses, please wear non-marking trainers.
  • Children should not bring personal items onto site (including mobile phones). We take no responsibility for items brought onto site.

Snack Breaks

  • Please label all items and place in the box provided at registration.
  • Do not bring any peanut products onto the site. This is for the protection of children with nut allergies.

Activity Schemes

Please inform the Site Leader if you are going to drop your child off later than 10am. If you do not tell the Site Leader that you are going to be late, there is a possibility that your child/ren will loose their space.

If you would like your child/ren to walk or cycle to the scheme on their own please speak to the Site Leader. An additional consent form must be completed on the first morning of the scheme.

|Find out where we have venues throughout the Borough.


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