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Green Spaces in Molesey

Graburn Way Open Space - Latest News

During summer 2014, a number of changes will be taking place on this site: A rowing tank will be installed by Molesey Boat Club. The work began at the end of April 2014 with the installation of a new fence. During the summer, new play equipment will be installed at the river end of the site. The existing play equipment will remain and be accessible until the new equipment is available. For further information, please |contact Leisure and Cultural Services.

P|Show Location as navigatable maparks and Recreation Grounds in Molesey:

Grovelands Recreation Ground, Grovelands, West Molesey KT8 2EB

  • Play Area including "Playbuilder" equipment for the younger ones
  • Practise football goal
  • 2 Free tennis courts

By clicking on the map you will be able to use the map to navigate to Grovelands Recreation Ground or |plan your journey to Grovelands Recreation Ground


Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground, Dunstall Way, East Molesey KT8 1PD

  • 3 football pitches
  • 1 cricket square (with an option of an artificial wicket) available from summer 2015
  • Play Area
  • 3 Free tennis courts

|Show Location as navigatable mapBy clicking on the map you will be able to use the map to navigate to Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground or |plan your journey to Molesey Hurst Recreation Ground



West Molesey Recreation Ground, Walton Road

  • 1 football pitch
  • Play Area

Graburn Way Recreation Ground , Graburn Way

  • Play Area

Green Spaces:

Leisure and Cultural Services also maintain a number of green spaces in this part of Elmbridge. They can be found at the following locations:

  • Hurst Meadows Minor Graburn Way, East Molesey (dog free area)
  • Hurst Park Open Space, Sadlers Ride, East Molesey
  • Nielson Field Open Space (Nielson Playing Field) The Wilderness, Molesey Park Road
  • Walton Road Molesey (Cenotaph) Walton Road, West Molesey
  • Walton Road Open Space Walton Road, East Molesey

  • Hurst Meadows Open Space, Hurst Road, East Molesey (Sadlers Ride Car Park)
    |Show Location as navigatable map

By clicking on the map you will be able to use the map to navigate to the Car Park adjacent to Hurst Meadows Open Space.

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