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School Resources

Elmbridge Museum offers a range of opportunities for learning for audiences of all ages.

Discovery boxes

Discovery boxes of original and replica objects are available for loan from Elmbridge Museum. These are a real treasure trove providing hands-on experience of objects that may well keep you guessing as to what they are!

Boxes contain objects, notes on the subject and teacher's notes. Some boxes contain extra resources such as images, books and CD ROMs.

|Discovery boxes are perfect for object-handling, role-play and reminiscence sessions! Choose from the following topics:An excellent resource showing examples and replicas from the Roman era. Featuring amongst many items, a toga, mortarium, a gladiator glass beaker and oil lamp. The discovery box includes teacher's notes, a sound and learning pack and posters and videos.

  • Seaside holidays
  • Victorian costume
  • Victorian domestic life
  • Romans
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Toys from the past
  • Wash day
  • Tudors
  • World War II

(Teachers please note that these boxes support National Curriculum topics.)

School sessions

School sessions are currently under review. Please check this page for any further updates


  • Hire of Discovery Boxes/fortnight [In Borough] - 5.45
  • Hire of Discovery Boxes/fortnight [Out of Borough] - 10.90

To book learning sessions or discovery boxes, please |contact the Museum.

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