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Friends of Elmbridge Museum

Ladies in Edwardian costumes
As an independent group of people, the Friends support the running of Elmbridge Museum through membership and fund-raising events.

The Friends was launched at a public meeting held in Weybridge Library Hall in October 1998, attended by the Mayor of Elmbridge, the Museum Manager and Assistant Manager, and over 70 members of the public.

A Steering Committee had looked at a model constitution suggested by the British Association of Friends of Museums, and put a slightly amended version of this to the meeting. After some discussion the constitution was accepted and elections for a Committee were held.

The Friends aim to help the Museum by:

  • publicising the Museum
  • working with the Museum to raise interest in the history of the area
  • undertaking voluntary work at the Museum
  • arranging talks and events
  • raising funds for special projects

As a member of the Friends you will:

  • receive the "Friends" newsletter
  • be able to attend private views and events held at the Museum
  • be able to participate in local Museum projects
  • broaden your knowledge of the district

New members are always welcome and needed if the Friends are to achieve their aims. Annual subscriptions are:

  • Individuals - 5
  • Families - 10
  • Or a "Life membership" is available for 50 per person.

If you'd like to become a member of the Friends then please print and complete the |membership form, or |contact the Museum.

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