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Exhibitions at Elmbridge Museum and in the Community

Museum exhibit showing Sir Charles Hamilton of Painshill

Permanent display

On display throughout the year, this fascinating exhibition explores the story of Elmbridge from prehistoric times until the present day. It features many period room-sets.

Current exhibitions

At Elmbridge Museum:

  • Elmbridge : A Model Borough: miniature models of houses built in the Seven Hills Road and Between Streets, Cobham,a long- gone public house and TV / Radio shop in Weybridge and a manor house in Walton still in existence.
  • A selection of BBC Your 'Elmbridge' Paintings

In the Community:

  • 'Bronze and Beautiful' exhibition at the |Thames Ditton Library - featuring the Thames Ditton Foundry, which started life in 1874 and closed down in 1976. Many masterpieces came out of the Foundry, including 'Peace Quadriga' the largest sculpture cast in the country in pre-welding times (1939).
  • 'Purveyors of the Past' exhibition at |Walton Library - until 1851 the village of Walton consisted of just Church Street and Bridge Street, with a few shops at the north end of the High Street on the east side, and the Ashley Park Estate covering all the land on the west side. Come and find out more about Walton's shopkeepers of the Past.


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