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SEARCH Moves - Choice Based Lettings Banding Assessment Criteria - Band A

The following list highlights the various factors that are looked at when assessing an applicant on the Housing Register for Band A status:-|SEARCH Moves - Choice Based Lettings Scheme


An applicant is assessed as having an "emergency" medical or welfare need to move including grounds relating to a disability and this is seriously affected by their current housing.


An applicant has been accepted as homeless and the full duty to secure accommodation has been accepted by Spelthorne, Elmbridge or Runnymede Council and
1. the applicant has resided in temporary hostel or mobile home accommodation for twelve months or more; or
2. the applicant is residing in temporary accommodation which the council deems to be unsuitable for another reason.


An applicant's life would be in immediate danger if they continued to live in their current accommodation and this has been substantiated.


An applicant is a tenant of any tenure who needs to move because their home is to be demolished or redeveloped within the next six months.


An applicant is a social, housing tenant and is either residing in an adapted property where the adaptations are no longer required and the property is considered to be high demand.


An applicant is a social housing tenant and is under occupying a property and the property they currently occupy is
considered to be of high demand.


An applicant is occupying a property that is subject to a compulsory purchase order and there is a statutory duty upon the Council to move them.


An applicant is assessed as statutorily overcrowded as set out in Part 10 of the Housing Act 1985 (but only where the applicant has not worsened their housing situation without good reason).


An applicant has been nominated and accepted via the National Witness Mobility Service.


An applicant's needs fit into two or more categories in Band B and is judged to have a higher overall priority following an assessment by a senior officer.

Cases that fall into any of the above categories will be placed in Band A unless they do not have a local connection with Spelthorne Borough Council, Elmbridge Borough Council or Runnymede Borough Council in which case they will be placed in Band D.

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