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The Rent Service (TRS)

|The Rent Service (TRS) is an executive agency of the Department for Work and Pensions. TRS provides valuations for local authorities in England, for use in the assessment of claims for Housing Benefit where the tenant is renting from a private landlord whose benefit payments started prior to 07/04/08.

Housing Benefit Determinations

In making a determination the Rent Officer will consider:

  • The level of rent
  • The rent for similar properties within the vicinity
  • The number of rooms
  • The age and number of people living within the property being assessed

The determination will usually run for 12 months unless there is a significant change to the property or the number of people included within the household.


Local Housing Allowance

If you are already in receipt of Housing benefit and have a break in your claim or move to a new property that is rented from a private landlord, the amount the local authority can use in your assessment is is determined by the Broad Market rent for the property you rent.

You can check the |Broad Market Rents for Elmbridge a guide to the eligible rent that could be used in your assessment.

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