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Housing Strategies & Policies

Tenancy Strategy 2012-2015

The Council is required by law to adopt and publish a Tenancy Strategy which provides guidance to Registered Providers of social housing (mainly housing associations) as to our expectations for the kinds of tenancy they grant and the circumstances in which they should grant a tenancy of a particular kind or renew tenancies when any fixed-term tenancy comes to and end. This |tenancy strategy was adopted in January 2013 following consultation with housing associations with stock in Elmbridge and promotes the use of fixed-term tenancies for most new social housing lettings (with certain exceptions). The strategy also provides guidance to housing associations on aspects of the new affordable rent tenure, including our expectations on the maximum rent levels which should be charged.

Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2009-2012

In summer 2009, the Council adopted a |Housing and Homelessness Strategy, which sets out the main housing challenges facing the borough over the next three years and the Council's plan to deal with them, working together with a whole range of partners, with the resources available. The strategy includes an action plan focussed on tackling homelessness. An |executive summary is also available.

For more information on the above-mentioned housing strategies and policies or for further information on the policies relating to the development of affordable housing, please e-mail the |Council's Housing Strategy & Enabling team

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