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How can I join the Housing Register?

If you would like to be placed on our Housing Register you will need to complete an Elmbridge Borough Council Housing Application form.

Download the |Housing Application Form.

Please note that we cannot accept completed application forms via e-mail at this time.

In order to process and add an applicant to the housing register, we will require certain documents to be provided along with the form. |Visit our verification document page for more information.

You must also make sure that all parts of the application form are completed - if a section does not apply to you write "Not Applicable". If an application form is received without the required documentation or incomplete it cannot be fully assessed and you will be unable to bid for properties until this has been provided.

|Download the "Banding Scheme for Housing Allocations" leaflet. This provides an outline on how to apply, who is eligible to be considered for housing and how we assess cases on the Housing Register. A full copy of the Allocations Policy is available.

|Contact the Housing Options team if you need help or advice.

For an overview of the number of properties that we have received within a twelve month period, please access the |property analysis details which may assist you when deciding your areas of choice.

|Visit our main Housing Register web page for more information.

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