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What is the update on Street Lighting Replacement in Elmbridge ?

Surrey County Council and their contractor Skanska are in process of undertaking 25-year programme to upgrade and maintain street lighting stock throughout the County. Work within Elmbridge has already commenced and includes the replacement of the majority of the existing streetlights. Further details found on the Surrey County Councils website including FAQ and a programme of works |View Surrey County Council's Street Lighting Replacement web pages

This programme has provided the opportunity to upgrade some of the streetlights in key areas as part of Elmbridge Borough Council's "Illuminating the High Streets" project. This is funded from the Elmbridge Civic improvement Fund and the High Streets and core commercial areas of the five District Centres of Cobham, East Molesey, Esher, Hersham and Weybridge will all benefit. Improvements have previously been undertaken in Walton town centre as part of the Council's "Soul to the Street" project. The final designs for the district centres have been selected by Local Councillors and the business community and will be implemented in early 2013. The new columns will have the facility to accommodate illuminated Christmas lights and/or banners to promote the immediate area. Where there is an overlap between the district centre High Streets and Conservation Areas the designs selected will reflect these individual areas.

Elmbridge has 24 designated Conservation Areas and some of these contain a number of distinctive "swan neck"lights. These include the original converted gas lamps and an example is illustrated below. These form part of the special character of the area and there have been lengthy discussions between the Borough and County Council regarding the provision and design of a suitable replacement design. A design, which reflects this heritage has now been agreed, and this is illustrated below together with an example of the standard style being used elsewhere. The new heritage street lights will be a soft green colour, called Spruce Green which most closely resembles the colour of the original cast iron columns and matches the colour of the standard replacements lights.

Further information about replacement street lighting contact |Surrey County Council.

Photos : Original swan neck lantern original swan neck lantern(left) Replacement swan neck lantern (right) Standard replacement lantern (below)

replacement swan neck heritage lantern











standard replacement lantern













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