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How do I report an Abandoned Car/Vehicle?

If you know a vehicle that might be abandoned, please note the details below if possible and let us know about it. You can report an abandoned vehicle by using our |online form

  1. registration number
  2. exact location
  3. make and model
  4. colour
  5. tax disc details, if displayed

Please note:

  • We do not deal with vehicles that are taxed. You can |check the tax status on the government website.
  • Vehicles causing an obstruction or parked in a dangerous position should be reported to the police.
  • Vehicles on private land should be reported to the owners or managers of that land.
  • If the vehicle is untaxed but has an owner, you need to report this to the DVLA in writing. You need to provide the vehicle's registration, location and whether it is stationary or being driven, as well as the time and date that you saw it.

|More information regarding abandoned vehicles is available.

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