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BA World of Mini-Beasts

Visit the British Airways Community Learning Centre near Heathrow to travel to the wondrous world of mini-beasts. Design your own passport, play at being check-in staff and Photograph of Children examining pond life during Wild at Play eventserve drinks and snacks in a mock aircraft cabin ready to shrink so you can begin your search for mini-beasts. Find out where your mini-beast friends live, what they eat and then try to catch some butterflies and insects in nets and jars to see exactly what they look like up close. British Airways Community Learning Centre offers these activities free of charge as part of its commitment to Community Investment. Supervised coach transport will be provided from The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton on Thames.
Age group: 5 to 9 year olds
Course code: BA
This workshop is part of the Summer Shout! Holiday Programme. Shout! has many exciting activities to keep your children busy throughout the summer including sports, play, arts and crafts, trips and woodland adventures. Check out the |Shout! Holiday Activities web pages for further activity details and booking information.

Event Summary and Directions

Type of Event: Children
Date: 06 August 2012
Starts at: 09:00 Ends at: 17:00
Cost: with more card 20, without 22
This event will be held at: The Playhouse, Hurst Grove, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 1AU
with |Transport Direct: 

For further information please contact: |Generic Contact Shout! Holiday Activities

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Last Updated: 9/7/2012 9:30:51 AM

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