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Online payment FAQs

Please Note: For security reasons we are unable to accept payments of more than 5,000 in a single transaction and your card company/issuer may impose a lower limit for internet use of their card.

My card has been rejected - why?

Please check you've entered the correct card type. The secure payment screen only accepts the card numbers with no spaces entered (e.g. "4242424242424242" rather than "4242 4242 4242 4242") - if you originally mis-keyed some details please wait for 90 seconds before retrying. The delay is a security measure to prevent repeated attempts to use an invalid card.

Another common cause of transaction failure is entering an incorrect issue number, please check your details before retrying your transaction.

If the transaction still fails or this is not the problem and you are sure the card details are correct and the card is valid, please contact us, using our |on line form

Please tell us as much as possible to help us investigate the problem e.g.-

  • Time/date you attempted to make payment,
  • Reference number(s) of the account(s) you were intending to pay,
  • Your card type (e.g. First Direct Maestro debit card),
  • Any error message on screen,
  • As much as you can about what happened and
  • The version and type of web browser you were using e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Firefox, Opera etc (some versions may not be compatible with our system)

I don't know or haven't got a reference number

If you are paying for an on-line service (e.g. Green Waste collection or a "Shout" course) either complete the on-line form to obtain the reference before paying or use the reference you were given if you enrolled for the service over the phone.

If you are paying Council Tax, Business Rates or a Parking Penalty Notice the number will be on the documentation you have received.

I need to add more than one reference

Unfortunately due to the additional complexity this feature isn't available for Card Payments please return to the payment page and re-enter the details for each reference.

The amount I've keyed in isn't accepted.

Some services have minimum payment amounts e.g. 1 for Council Tax. Please click on the question mark next to the field for more detailed information. Please do not key in a "" sign as only numbers and a decimal point are accepted.

What is CV2 and why do I need to enter it?

CV2 stands for Customer Verification 2, its the last three digits on the number printed on the signature strip on the reverse of the card. Entering it helps confirm that the person making the payment has possession of the card.

What is 3D Secure (Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by Visa)?

These are additional security measures brought in by the Credit Card companies to reduce the risk of Fraud. If you have signed up for either, then during the payment process you will be transferred to your bank's website to enter your password. This helps further ensure both that the person making the payment is the card holder and provides the reassurance that you are dealing with a legitimate site by displaying your chosen User Name.

Why do I need to input my address?

To provide further security the address and post code can be checked against those of the card holder.

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