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New or Replacement Bin

Our commitment

  • Bins will be delivered within 7 working days following the order request.

You can order an outside food bin, indoor kitchen caddy or recycling bin free of charge. A landfill (refuse) bin is subject to a charge. |Garden waste bins are ordered as part of the annual subscription service.

We collect up to two recycling, two food waste and one landfill bin from each property but you can purchase additional landfill bin(s) for your own use. Refunds are not given for landfill (refuse) bins purchased in error. |Purchases are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Bin sizes

The outdoor food waste bins are one size only. The standard kitchen caddy, landfill (refuse) and recycling bins suit most households but there are other sizes available.

Photograph of outdoor food binPhotograph of kitchen caddy for indoor usePhotograph of standard landfill (refuse) binPhotograph of standard sized recycling bin

Landfill (Refuse) bin sizes and costs
Size of householdHeightWidthDepthCapacityPrice
1-2 people
1100mm485mm550mm140 litres35
2-3 people
1100mm505mm755mm180 litres39
3-5 people
1100mm580mm725mm240 litres45
5+ people
1115mm620mm850mm360 litres80

Recycling bin sizes
Size of householdHeightWidthDepthCapacity
1-2 people
1100mm485mm550mm140 litres
3-5 people
1100mm580mm725mm240 litres
5+ people
1115mm620mm850mm360 litres

Food bin and food caddy sizes
Type of Food BinCapacity
Indoor food caddy (standard) 7 litres
Indoor food caddy (large)10 litres
Outdoor food waste bin23 litres

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