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Garden Waste Service

Our commitment

Bins and sacks will be delivered within 7 working days following the order request.

You can subscribe yearly to a fortnightly garden waste collection service and choose a 1 bin, 2 bin or 2 sack service. The subscription service and purchase of bins from the Council are subject to the |garden waste terms and conditions. Photographs of brown-topped garden waste bins and sacksGarden waste bins cost 40 each are delivered within 7 days and remain your property.

You can also purchase a garden waste bin from |Garsons in Winterdown Road in Esher but you must subscribe to the garden waste collection through the Council, otherwise your bins won't be emptied.

Renew subscription

Existing customers who do not pay by direct debit can |renew the subscription online.

Upgrade subscription

You can upgrade your subscription,for example from a one bin service to a two bin service, when you renew online. If wish to upgrade your service at a different time, please contact Customer Service on 01372 474474.

Annual subscription charges

Annual Subscription*Concessionary Rate**
Two sack service (includes sacks as part of subscription3316.50
One bin service3316.50
Two bin service6633

**If you receive |Council Tax Support or |Housing Benefit, you may be entitled to a concessionary rate.
You will need to provide your Council Tax account number or your Housing Benefit reference number.

Other enquiries

Existing customers who want to change or cancel their subscription or need a new garden waste bin should contact Customer Services on 01372 474474.

|To set up a direct debit for your annual subscription charge, please contact us.

|Find out what you can put in your garden waste bin.

Size of garden waste containers

Garden Waste Bin1100mm580mm725mm
Garden Waste Sack 550mm430mm430mm

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