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Pollution Control

|Noise Nuisance
What you can do if you are affected by noise including reporting and gathering evidence.


|Air Quality
An introduction to |Air Quality and Pollution and |Air Quality Monitoring in Elmbridge.


Nuisance domestic and commercial bonfires and alternatives.


|Image of poorly distributed lighting angleLight Nuisance
What you can do if you are affected by light nuisance including the courses of action that can be taken.


|Image of smokeClean Air Act Requirements
Legislation imposes control on a number of different areas of atmospheric pollution.


|Contaminated Land
Guidance and how to obtain a contaminated land report.


|Drains, sewers and septic tanks
Information and advice.


|Image of swimming poolWater Pollution
River pollution, drinking water and swimming pool hygiene.


|Environmental Permits
Some industries, which emit significant levels of air or water pollution, have to be regulated.

|Online Form
Register pollution complaints e.g. bonfires.

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