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Pest News

Our Pest Control Officer has provided the answer to commonly asked questions:

  • |We provide squirrel treatment (in domestic loft-space only)
    Treatment involves three visits. The first visit to carry out a survey of the loft, place and set two spring loaded traps and the remaining two visits to check the traps and remove any catches.

  • Information about foxes
    It is very unusual for a fox to enter a house unless it is a tame one or extremely hungry and looking to scavenge pet food etc left around. Foxes will generally not allow humans within 15-20 feet of them and domestic cats will almost always see off a fox if they come face to face. If you are concerned about foxes in your area, you should contact a professional pest control company to manage them. The Council does not provide such a service, |but can provide a list of companies who are able to undertake fox management.

  • Image of Pest Control Van and Pest Control OfficerDo you sell vents to rodent proof my house?
    Yes, we have three different size vents for air bricks - small 8.50, medium 9.50 and large 11.00. To enquire about purchasing these contact Environmental Health & Licensing.

  • An independent pest control company is operating within Elmbridge, trading as 'Elmbridge Pest Control Company'. Please note, this company has no connection with Elmbridge Borough Council and we are not responsible for any orders for work placed with them. The Council's pest control officer and pest control van will always have official Council identification which you should request to see prior to pest treatment.

Keep up to date with the latest topical pest information:

|Image of a waspWasps and Hornets
Do not disturb or interfere with wasp or hornet nests. Seek further advice.

Urban foxes can be a nuisance and are born, live and breed feely in towns. It is very unusual for a fox to enter a house unless it is a tame one or extremely hungry and looking to scavenge food.

Image of Asian longhorn beetle|Asian Longhorn Beetle
An outbreak of the Asian longhorn beetle which could have severe consequences for British trees, has been found in Kent. If you see it, please report it.

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