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Flea and Bed Bug Advice Prior to Treatment

When booking an appointment, please advise the following:

  • Whether this is a new problem or a problem that has been recently treated - if so, who by?
  • If you have just moved into the house.
  • If you have children and animals (and what type of animal).

Prior to treatment:

  • Vacuum throughout the premises, including cracks and crevices, and dispose of the dust-bag immediately after vacuuming.
  • Once the treatment has been completed do not vacuum or clean the treated surfaces for 14 days to allow the treatment to be effective.
  • With flea infestations any pets must be treated at the same time either by yourself or a vet.
    Elmbridge Borough Council do not treat pets.
  • Clear the floor area as much as possible (toys, boxes, magazines, under beds and furniture etc.) to allow the Pest Control Officer to spray the floors.
  • With bed bugs (and sometimes fleas), beds need to be treated. Strip the beds and wash bedding in the hottest temperature the fabric will allow (check manufacturers guidelines). The Pest Control Officer will also spray the mattress but beds may be slept in that night providing they are dry.
  • Remove all persons and animals from the area being treated both during, and after the treatment for a minimum of two hours (or until the treated area is dry).
  • Cover all fish tanks until the treatment has been completed.
  • The treatment may smell slightly but this will disappear after a short while.

To ensure the best results from the treatment and to discourage re-infestation we strongly advise you to follow this advice.


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