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Noise Homepage

Image of Deal with noise banner

|Link to a Quick Guide on how to deal with noise nuisance including what to do when the Council is closed.

|Image of Out of Hours Enforcement Service Panel Logo

|Link to your Guide to Gathering Evidence webpage detailing the Elmbridge Borough Council Noise Nuisance App

|Link to information about common domestic noise nuisance e.g. loud music, barking dogs, alarms etc.

|Link to information about commercial noise nuisances e.g. construction, pubs and clubs etc.

|Link to webpages outlining benefits of the voluntary Noise Code for Licensed Premises

|Link to noise nuisance advice including other useful websites

|Link to webpage giving information about noise the Council is unable to deal with and where to get help.

|Link to noise news webpage - keeping you informed

|Link to useful videos about dealing with noise

|Link to feedback form to enable you to leave comments

|Link to noise facts webpage providing technical facts and figures

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