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Zoo Licence

Image of people at a zooAny establishment where wild animals are kept for exhibition to the public (other than for the purposes of a circus or a pet shop) requires a licence under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981.

Environmental Services, in conjunction with a consultant veterinary surgeon, will inspect any premises before granting a licence.

The Council cannot consider any application unless (at least two months before) the applicant has given notice in writing (including by electronic means) to the Council of their intention to make the application and has published notice of that intention in one local newspaper and one national newspaper and has exhibited a copy of that notice at the site.

Once a licence has been granted and the appropriate fee paid, annual inspections will be performed prior to renewal of the licence.

Note: Circuses, pet shops and any individual premises where the Secretary of State issues a direction that the Act should not apply, are exempt.

If you have a complaint regarding any animal premises within the borough of Elmbridge |complete and return our online form.

Licensed Premises in Elmbridge

  • There are currently no zoos licensed within Elmbridge.

To apply for or renew a licence

Note: For your convenience, you can either apply and pay online or download, complete and return by post.

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