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Licensing and Registration Information

|Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing
Including personal and premises licences, temporary event notices and licensed premises within Elmbridge.

|Food Premises Registration
How to register a food business with your Local Authority.

|Taxi (Hackney Carriage) and Private Hire Vehicle, Driver and Operator Licensing
Information, advice and application forms for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicle and Driver licences.

|Animal Welfare and Licensing
Boarding, breeding, pet shops, riding establishments, dangerous animals and zoos.


|Charitable Collections
Street and house-to-house collections.

|Skin Piercing
How to register. Also, find out information on |Botox treatments.

|Gambling Licences
Licensing premises in the borough that are involved in gambling, |lottery licences and |fruit machines.

|Environmental Permits
Some industries which emit significant levels of air or water pollution are required to be regulated.

|Image of documentsSex Establishment Licencing
Sex establishments are required to be licensed with the Local Authority.

|Image of cooling towersCooling Towers Registration
Premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with the local authority.

|Image of a GBP pound signFees and Charges
Details of licence, permit and registration fees and charges and how you can pay.

|Street Trading
Street trading means selling, exposing or offering for sale, any article in a street.

|Sunday Trading Restrictions
Information on when shops can open on a Sunday.

|Image of music notesMusic Licences
Who needs to have a music licence for public performances.

|Image of the IoL logoInstitute of Licensing
The Institute of Licensing is the professional body for licensing practitioners from all sectors.

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