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Family History and Genealogy

Genealogy or family history can be a very interesting but complex area to research. There are various excellent free websites that can help you trace your family tree and history. The best place to start is the Surrey History Centre who have a wealth of information to assist you and can also direct you to other organisations.

How to Get Started|Cemeteries - click on map to show Location as navigatable map

If you are trying to complete a family tree the best way to start is to write all the information you do know about your family including birth, marriage and death dates as far back as possible. This should also include all extended family. You can then confirm this information with members of your family and/or the below websites. Once this has been completed you can start to extend the search and fill in any gaps that you may have. There are usually quite a few stories and surprises along the way.

The following information should help you with everything you need

|Elmbridge Museum information including: Census returns (1841-1891), Electoral registers (1832-1915), Parish registers (various dates). Contact the |Museum team.

|Cemeteries - if the deceased was buried in one of our cemeteries you can contact the Cemeteries Team for a grave search or request information relating to monumental inscriptions and map locations of graves. The map indicates the location of all our cemeteries in the borough - hover over the map and click to enlarge. Contact the |Cemetery team.

|History about Elmbridge Borough and the |Crest of Arms plus news on |Living in Surrey through World War II

Useful Websites for Research

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