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Public Document Library

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 there are a number of documents listed on our |Publication Scheme Schedule.

Documents associated with planning applications are listed at our |Online planning search facility.

If you are looking specically for Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes or associated reports you will need to |browse the Meeting system.

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|View document library by topic

Document titleFormatFile size
|FACS Application FormPDF224.14Kb
|Fairmile - Lic Sub - 220110PDF2,181.12Kb
|Fairmile - Lic Sub - 290610PDF3,454.64Kb
|Fairmile application 1 - Lic Sub - 040810PDF3,454.64Kb
|Fairmile application 2 - Lic Sub - 040810PDF1,374.58Kb
|Fairtrade Borough - ENV - 081107PDF172.41Kb
|Falls Free HomePDF3,017.25Kb
|Falls Free PlanPDF1,288.02Kb
|Family Support Package - Elmbridge - CBNT - 040712PDF164.06Kb
|Feedback to Member Query on S106 Payments relating to Leisure and Cultural ServicesPDF189.66Kb
|Fees and Charges - Building Control - CBNT - 240908PDF274.47Kb
|Fees and Charges - Com Support - CBNT - 240908PDF189.56Kb
|Fees and Charges - Community Support - CBNT - 230909PDF120.23Kb
|Fees and Charges - Env Health - CBNT - 171104PDF160.32Kb
|Fees and Charges - Env Health - CBNT - 240908PDF252.24Kb
|Fees and Charges - Env Health 0607 - CBNT - 161105PDF205.91Kb

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