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Public Document Library

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 there are a number of documents listed on our |Publication Scheme Schedule.

Documents associated with planning applications are listed at our |Online planning search facility.

If you are looking specically for Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes or associated reports you may find them more easily by |searching the Meeting Documents alone.

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Document titleFormatFile size
|Map of Weybridge DPPO (Sec 13)PDF173.09Kb
|Mapping Services AgreementPDF2,258.48Kb
|Market conditions - AHMP - 060509PDF81.42Kb
|Market Conditions - AHMP - 261009PDF159.32Kb
|Market Update - AHMP - 080210PDF168.77Kb
|Materials Recycling Facility: Contract Procurement and AwardPDF177.17Kb
|Mayoral EngagementsPDF92.31Kb
|Mayoral Programme W/C 22 February 2014 to 2 March 2014PDF90.63Kb
|Mayor''s Secretary and Implementation of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) - CBNT - 090714PDF153.22Kb
|Meals on Wheels in Mole Valley - CBNT - 130313PDF77.17Kb
|Meals on Wheels leafletPDF275.90Kb
|Means of EscapePDF30.92Kb
|Measures to Decrease Risk Flooding - Update - ENV - 280803PDF178.84Kb
|Mediation - ENV - 131108PDF1,807.56Kb
|Mediation Video Clip TranscriptPDF273.91Kb
|Medium grant application form 2013/14 round 2PDF305.54Kb

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