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Public Document Library

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 there are a number of documents listed on our |Publication Scheme Schedule.

Documents associated with planning applications are listed at our |Online planning search facility.

If you are looking specically for Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes or associated reports you will need to |browse the Meeting system.

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|View document library by topic

Document titleFormatFile size
|Delegation of Planning Decisions - PLNG - 190208PDF235.37Kb
|Delivery of Frozen Meals - COM - 031109PDF203.91Kb
|Dementia - OS - 220710PDF172.86Kb
|Dementia Task Group Findings - COM - 020310PDF157.54Kb
|Dementia Task Group Recommendations - 070411PDF147.01Kb
|Dementia Task Group Recs - CBNT - 240310PDF167.99Kb
|Department of Health - Eatwell bookletPDF2,730.11Kb
|Deposit Guarantee Bond SchemePDF77.91Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 10 Cobham - CBNT - 210312PDF719.89Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 11 Claygate - CBNT - 210312PDF48,575.87Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 2 Character - CBNT - 210312PDF640.46Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 3 Home Exts - CBNT - 210312PDF491.00Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 4 Weybridge - CBNT - 210312PDF794.13Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 5 Walton - CBNT - 210312PDF673.01Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 6 Hersham - CBNT - 210312PDF587.74Kb
|Design and Character SPD - 7 Molesey - CBNT - 210312PDF622.41Kb

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