01 July 2016

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Councillor Butcher is a councillor for the Cobham & Downside ward.



The Bow Group (the leading Conservative research organisation):

  • Council 1968-76
  • Treasurer 1968-70
  • Political Officer 1974-75
  • Trustee 1991-96

PA to John Nott, 1970 general election campaign
Co-author, "Money for Our Masters", Bow Publications Ltd., 1971
Young Conservatives National Advisory Committee, 1973-74
Conservative candidate:

  • Crewe, 1979 general election
  • Crosby, 1981 by-election

Paper, personally requested by Prime Minister, on by-election procedures, 1982
PA to Secretary of State for Transport, 1983 general election
Carlton Club:

  • Committee 1995-98, 1999-02
  • Finance Committee, 1991-04
  • Policy advisory committee on 'law and order', 1996-97

Law and Constitution

Written and oral evidence to the Latey Committee on the Age of Majority, 1966
Evidence on Companies (No. 2) Bill 1976
Marsham Court Leaseholders Association Committee, 1979-80, successful in court action against landlord
Evidence on Housing Bill 1980
Author "The Royal Line of Succession", published by Penguin Books, 1983
Persuaded ministers to get Parliament to amend the Meeting of Parliament Act 1797, to avoid an enhanced risk to the life of the Sovereign, 1985
Drafted the 'Statement of Principles' on the Exchequer Levy, laid before Parliament, 1990
Evidence to Neill Committee on financing political activities, 1998
Led re-drafting of a Royal Charter, approved by the Queen in Council, 1998-99

Local Government etc.

Governor, Walworth Comprehensive School 1970-72
Councillor, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 1974-78, for the Redcliffe Ward:

  • Social Services Committee
  • Health and Housing Committee
  • Private Bill Committee

Councillor, Elmbridge 2004- , for the Cobham and Downside ward :

  • Community Services Overview & Scrutiny Committee 2004-05
  • Corporate Affairs Overview & Scrutiny Committee, 2005-06
  • West (Weybridge & Cobham) Area Planning Sub-Committee 2004-13
  • Planning Committee 2007-13 (Vice-Chairman 2011-13 )
  • Cabinet portfolio holder for Regulatory Affairs 2006-10
  • Surrey CC Local Committee for Elmbridge 2008-09

Councillor, Surrey CC 2009-13, for the Cobham Division:

  • Children & Families Select Committee 2009-11, 2012-13
  • Health Scrutiny Select Committee 2009-13
  • Local Committee for Elmbridge 2009-13

Foreign and Defence

Royal Naval Reserve 1960-72, Junior Seaman to Lieutenant
Attended US Democratic Party National Convention 1972
Author, "Safety at Sea", Conservative Political Centre 1973
Council, Conservative Group for Europe 1987-89

Business and Economics

Submissions on banks, to Ministers, Bank of England, OFT and banking industry 1981-95
Submissions on insurance to DTI, OFT and insurance industry 1983-91
Author of 10 articles on pricing for "Accountancy" magazine 1983-85
Persuaded Treasury to amend Finance Bill 1989 for Exchequer Levy on ITV
Devised scheme for speeding debt payments by businesses 1992
Submissions on reform of Central Gilts Office, to Bank of England 1996

Professional and Ethical

Advisory Board on Accountancy Education 1970-72
Committee, London Society of Chartered Accountants, 1979-80
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 1966-2010:

  • Critique for improving Ethics Guide 1991
  • Working Party on "Whistleblowing" 1997-98


British, married with two adult children.


Management consultant

Business start-up advice and business plans.
Strategic advice to a multinational on major security risks faced by businesses.
Devised costing system for a defence contractor.
Ran accounts function for software subsidiary of Thorn EMI.
Forensic support, claims and litigation.

Lloyd's Superannuation Fund

Trustee (nominated by Council of Lloyd's), Vice-Chairman, then Chairman
Investment (350m) Committee, selected and monitored investment managers.

The Salvage Association

International marine surveyors, Chief financial officer.
Successfully devised new charging structure, to optimise revenue contribution.
Drafted and implemented business plan, identifying risks and their management.
Handled negotiations for, and legal aspects of, the disposal of a division.
Contract negotiations and drafting of legal agreements with suppliers etc..

Independent Broadcasting Authority

Head of Finance for this statutory body's business dealings with its tv and radio programme contractors.
Wrote policy papers on, and negotiated with, those contractors etc.
Advised on board papers and policy for Independent Television News.
Devised successful way for rescuing ailing independent radio sector.
Responsible for collecting and analysing broadcast advertising revenue data.
Administered Exchequer Levy on ITV.

Touche Ross & Co (now Deloitte)

Management consultants, Senior Consultant
Seconded to Price Commission - advice on industry cost structure.
Drafted report to DTI on funding for major UK computer company.
Wrote report to Malaysian Government on improving rubber processing industry.

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