Wheelchair loan scheme

Wheelchair loan scheme

The wheelchair loan scheme enables people with limited mobility to borrow wheelchairs on a temporary basis.

Customers wishing to join the scheme should complete an application form and take it to any one of the Centres for the Community, together with two forms of identity, one of which must contain a photograph and one of which must prove your address.

To ensure that the appropriate wheelchair is available for you when you want it, we advise you to book in advance by telephoning the Centre you wish to borrow from.

Charges and conditions

  • membership to the scheme is £5 per year. For Community Discount Card holders it is free of charge
  • we ask for a minimum donation of £2 per day or £10 per week
  • the minimum loan period is 1 day and the maximum loan period is 1 week


Before we loan the wheelchair we complete a safety checklist and supply you with instructions for use. Staff at the centre can also show you how to use the wheelchair correctly if you are not familiar with its use. For your own wellbeing, you will not be allowed to use the equipment if it is felt that you cannot do so safely.

The regular wheelchairs support users up to 18 stone, we also have 2 bariatric pushing wheelchairs available for heavier users up to 25 stone. The bariatric wheelchairs can be loaned from the Cobham and Walton Centres only.

Wheelchairs must not be taken out of the UK.

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