Relief Carers scheme

Relief Carers scheme

The Relief Carers scheme offers a range of support and respite services for carers and people living with memory loss. 

What we offer

  • 11 specialist day care groups at our 7 centres for the community
  •  a sitting service which enables the carer to have a break
  •  general advice and annual training for carers
  •  monthly support groups including Alz Café   
  •  signposting to services to support both carer and cared for
  •  outings  
  •  community transport to the centres for the community

We have a range of other services including community alarm and telecare which provides equipment and services to people living with memory loss such as pill dispensers, pendant alarms and more. 

A new piece of equipment, called the Memory Diary, can provide up to 20 prompts which can be set daily, weekly or monthly and has proved to be a great assistance to people in maintaining existing daily routines and sustaining independence.

For further information on the services available contact us on 01372 474547 or email Relief Care team.   


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