Hydrate with 8

Hydrate with 8

We run a yearly campaign which aims to get everybody, but particularly older people to drink the correct amount of fluids (water is ideal but it could be tea, coffee or juice, not alcohol) every day. It is easy to overlook the fact that just because the weather is not hot or you may be less active, the body still needs to be well hydrated.

The ideal amount to drink is 2 litres or 8 drinks a day. If like most people you probably don't drink enough, we have come up with a strap line 'Hydrate with 8 - drinks a day'. Not drinking enough fluids can be down to forgetfulness and that's why we have produced a 5 day reminder leaflet where you can tick off each drink you have throughout the day. The aim is that by using this checklist you will create the good habit of consuming 8 drinks a day by day 5.

There is more useful information on hydration available and how you can boost your water intake.

Fall awareness

Our campaign is also focusing on falls awareness. Did you know that between a third and half of people over the age of 65 have at least one fall each year? Age UK provide some really useful information on making your home falls-free and how you can make a falls-free plan.

If you would like reassurance, particularly if you live alone, where you can contact help in case of a fall or other emergency, you may be interested in a Community Alarm.

Move to Improve

This year in addition to the information on good hydration we are encouraging people to 'Move to Improve'. Free pedometers are available along with a comprehensive leaflet suggesting ways on how you can fit some physical activity into your day.

The Hydrate with 8 campaign is sponsored by Walton on Thames Charity and Walsingham Care.

If you would like more information please contact the Preventative and Support Services Manager on 01372 474537 or email Community Support Services.   

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