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Useful Information & Links

Elmbridge Online Access Guide

Elmbridge Borough Council and DisabledGo together have produced an| Online Access Guide of 1,000 local amenities, bars, clubs, pubs, shops, restaurants and services across Elmbridge. The DisabledGo website currently contains access assessments of 48,000 venues across 60 towns, cities, districts and boroughs in the UK.

The Elmbridge guide will be constantly kept up-to-date with the latest information available, unlike printed guides. Each year a further 25 new venues will be added. The purpose of this online guide is not to judge whether a venue is accessible, but rather to provide the information that will help the reader to discern if a venue is accessible.

What is unique to DisabledGo is that each venue is visited by a trained assessor who looks at 800 unique points of access, rather than being self-certified as accessible by the proprietor.

The detailed information collected by DisabledGo assessors using their unique template has been developed over many years of consultation with disability groups and individuals. This information collected is represented on the site using easy reference symbols sitting alongside the venue contact, website and opening time details.

Out of the 1,000 venues listed online 250 are listed in more detail with photographs and measurements of facilities given. The guide is fully searchable by venue name and venue type.

A smaller printed guide will be available later in 2009 subject to funds raised through advertising space.

|Please visit DisabledGo Elmbridge to find out about venues in Elmbridge or across the UK you may like to visit.

To find out more information about the online guide or to be involved in the yearly Focus Group for DisabledGo Elmbridge please contact the |Special Projects Manager in Community Support Services.

General Information

For disabled information in areas such as employment, financial support, housing, health and education visit the |DirectGov website |Link to DirectGov Web Pages for Disabled People

Disability Discrimination Act & Small Businesses

The following links offer detailed information on disability discrimination and legislation for small and medium businesses:
|National Register of Access Consultants

|Advice for small businesses

|Advice from the Disability Rights Commission on the need to make changes to premises. The Disability Rights Commission has published general advice on part III of the Disability Discrimination Act, the final part of which came into operation on 1st October 2004. This is designed to ensure that users of premises to which the public have access make changes that are reasonable to the premises so that ease of access to goods, services and facilities are as accessible for disabled people as they are for able-bodied people.

Website Links to Local Disability Groups

Below is a list of different websites run by local disability groups. If a local group has a website that is not listed and would like it to be |please contact Community Support Services. (The inclusion of local organisations and groups in the list is not an endorsement by Elmbridge Borough Council of the services and activities provided by them.)

R.O.Y.A.D is a small registered charity run by volunteers which operates in Elmbridge and adjacent areas. It caters for adults with a mild learning disability and offers a range of social, sporting and educational activities at evenings and weekends.


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