What we do in a week

What we do in a week

On average, every week Elmbridge does the following for its residents:

  • Inspects over 180 building works underway in the Borough
  • Erects 4 new street nameplates

  • Sends out 800 letters inviting residents to comment on planning applications received by the Council

  • Gives advice to 100 visitors to its planning advice centre

  • Puts 1600 documents on its e-planning website

  • Visits 40 sites to check whether unlawful development is taking place

  • Cuts the grass in all its park and recreation grounds in summer

  • Checks the quality of water in each swimming pool 56 times

  • Collects litter in parks and recreation grounds 7 times

  • Sweeps and cleans children's play areas 7 times

  • Transports 947 passengers over 1797 miles in its community transport vehicles

  • Delivers 1100 meals on wheels Serves 1038 meals in its Centres for the Community

  • Provides 607 high need day care places for physically frail older people and 64 places for people with Alzheimer's and dementia

  • Visits 23 existing community alarm customers and 8 new community alarms installed

  • Undertakes 125,500 collections of refuse, recycling, food and garden waste

  • Collects 425 tonnes of refuse and 487 tonnes of recycling and compostables

  • Removes 19 incidences of graffiti

  • Investigates 1 potentially abandoned car

  • Sweeps 125km of roads

  • Empties 411 litterbins

  • Cleans the high streets in towns 7 times and villages 3 times.

  • Investigates 20 complaints of environmental pollution

  • Investigates 3 complaints of unsound food and 4 cases of notifiable diseases

  • Undertakes 15 pest control visits.

  • Monitors 13 premises for food safety, workplace health & safety or smoke free compliance

  • Deals with 50 applications for a sale of alcohol, entertainment or taxi/private hire vehicle licenses.

  • Determines 56 new housing benefit claims.

  • Processes 305 changes of circumstances for existing claimants

  • Initiates 4 new investigations into alleged benefit fraud

  • Receives 431 housing benefit queries

  • Carries out 35 housing advice interviews and prevents 3 families from becoming homeless.

  • Deals with 10 new enquiries from private homeowners about home improvements and repairs

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