About the Mayor of Elmbridge

About the Mayor of Elmbridge

At the Elmbridge Borough Council’s Annual Meeting held on Wednesday 17 May 2017, Councillor Rachael Lake was formally elected to serve as the Mayor of Elmbridge for the Municipal Year 2017-2018.

Rachael has been married to Ian for 36 years and they have lived in Elmbridge since 1981. They have a grown-up son and daughter.

Rachael was born in the North East within a mining family of several generations and moved to London whilst she was in her teens to work.

Rachael was elected as an Elmbridge Councillor in 2006 and feels honoured to have been able to serve the ward of Walton North ever since. Over the years she has served on a number of council committees including the Cabinet (responsible for Community Development), Overview & Scrutiny Committee, North Area Planning Sub-Committee, Constitutional Review Member Working Group as well as a number of working groups including that of the Elmbridge Museum.

Rachael has been involved with three local infrastructure projects in obtaining finance for Walton Bridge, Walton Library and Walton Oak School.

Outside the Council Rachael served as a governor on Rydens Secondary School’s governing body for 12 years and was also Vice-Chairman of the temporary governing body that merged two schools into Walton Oak Primary School.

Rachael has served on the Charity of Robert Phillips for 20 years, a charity that allocates grants for the benefit of residents of the ancient Parish of Walton on Thames.

Working with young people is one of Rachael’s passions and she served as Group Scout Leader of 4 th   Weybridge for many years. For the last 10 years she has worked with the Elmbridge Community Fishing Academy that she founded to serve young people in Elmbridge.

Rachael has served as Surrey’s Armed Forces Champion and is pleased that each of Surrey’s Boroughs and Districts have signed up to the Covenant to assist serving and veteran members of the forces and their families.

Rachael’s charity for the year is Oasis Childcare.  They have been assisting vulnerable children and families in the Elmbridge area for the last 21 years.  Oasis have a very strong track record of providing services for families in crisis and for implementing preventative services to stop families going into crisis.  The circumstances of many of the families are often symptomatic of years of unresolved issues for the parents and the family unit as a whole, issues such as domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, poor parenting or mental health.  Oasis work to build a relationship of trust with these families who often feel isolated and let down.  They offer them a place of safety to come to and a team of people who will listen and work with them in times of crisis. Oasis also believe that working with families long term on their resilience will assist them in averting any potential crisis as they will have the tools they have learnt to help them make positive life choices.  

Oasis’s strapline is ‘Touching Peoples Lives’ a sentiment that Rachael believes is an integral part of all those in local organisations look to achieve.

Rachael and Ian are looking forward to her mayoral year when they will be able to meet the many volunteers and organisations and their supporters that make Elmbridge such a wonderful place to live and work. They also look to represent the many cultural and artistic attractions Elmbridge offers to other Surrey Boroughs and Districts.

If you would like further details about the Mayor or her charities please contact the Mayor's secretary, view the Protocol regarding the Mayor's Office and External Fundraising Activities or look online for the Mayoral programme.

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You can view Councillor Rachael Lake's web pages.

Councillor Shweta Kapadia was elected as the Deputy Mayor

A list of all past Mayors of Elmbridge is available online.

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