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European Parliamentary and Borough Council Elections 22 May 2014

On Thursday 22 May 2014, residents will have the chance to go to the polls for the European Parliamentary and Borough Council Elections.

Shortcuts to topics on this page:Reproduced with kind permissions of Electoral Commission

|Official notices
|Find out more about the candidates
|Register to vote
|Voting by post
|Voting by proxy
|Your polling station - including opening hours
How to vote
|Who is elected
|More information

|Official notices

|Notice of Election 22 May - Borough Council

|Notice of Election 22 May - European Parliament

|Statement of Persons Nominated/Notice of Poll (European Parliamentary Election)

|Statement of Persons Nominated (Borough Council Election)

|Notice of Uncontested Election

|Borough Election Agents

|European Election Agents

|Notice of Poll (Borough Council Election)

|Notice of Poll (European Election)

How to stand as a candidate

|Guidance for candidates and agents

|How to find out more information about the candidates

The names of the candidates and the parties for whom they are standing on behalf of and the Independent Candidates are published above under 'Official Notices' by 4pm on Thursday, 24 April (European) and 4pm Friday, 25 April (Borough).

Elmbridge Borough Council does not publish any information about the candidates' campaigns. The candidates and/or political parties may publish their own literature. The local and national media may provide information.

|Register to vote

The registration deadline for these elections is 6 May 2014. Contact for |Electoral Services for confirmation.

Registered voters will be sent a poll card with information about the elections. If you have not received a poll card, or you have recently moved, you may not be registered to vote. Find out how to register to vote.

|Voting by post

The registration deadline for voting by post at these elections is 5pm on 7 May 2014.

Voters with existing postal voting applications in place will be sent a postal poll card with information about the election. Ballot papers will be sent around Monday, 12 May by first class mail.

If you have not received your postal vote by Friday, 16 May, contact |Electoral Services. Completed postal votes need to be returned to the Returning Officer by 10pm on 22 May. If you miss the post you can hand your completed postal vote into any polling station in the ward or the Civic Centre in Esher.

|Voting by proxy

The registration deadline for |voting by proxy at this election is 5pm on 14 May.

If you have a medical emergency or you have been called away on business after 5pm on 14 May and cannot go to the polling station, you can apply to vote by proxy. This means someone else can vote on your behalf. The deadline for completed applications is 5pm on 22 May. Call 01372 47418 1/2/3 straight away.

|Your polling station

If you are registered to vote, a poll card will be sent to you with further information about the election, including a map of your polling station.

View |your polling station on a map.

|List of all polling stations.

Opening hours of the polling station

The polling station is open between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 22 May.

|How to vote

Always read the instructions for filling in the ballot paper carefully, even if you have voted before.

The ballot paper lists the name of each candidate along with their party name, party logo (if any) and their address.

You are able to vote for:

  • one Party or individual candidate at the European Parliamentary Election. Simply put an X (a cross) next to your choice on the white ballot paper.
  • one candidate at the Elmbridge Borough Council Election. Simply put an X (a cross) next to the candidate that you wish to vote for on the lilac ballot paper.

More information is available at |About My Vote

|Who is elected

  • European Parliamentary Election - There will be 10 MEPs elected throughout the S.E. Region who will serve a term of 5 years.
  • Borough Election - One candidate will be elected for every ward except Weybridge North and Weston Green, where no councillors are up for election. The candidate with the most votes is elected using the first past the post system.


  • Borough Election - The count will take place at Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, at 9.30am on Friday, 23 May. An announcement of the result is expected before 3pm and will be publicised at |Election Results.
  • European Parliamentary Election - The count will take place at Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, on Sunday evening, 25 May from 6.30pm with Elmbridge results after 10pm. An announcement of the South East England result is expected by Tuesday morning, 27 May and will be publicised at |Election Results.

Any press enquiries should be directed to |Communications.

|More information

If you would like more information about these elections, please contact |Electoral Services.


|Electoral Commission

|About My Vote

|Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund

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