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|North Area Planning Sub-Committee

Meeting date:
Jun 9 2008 7:45PM
|Committee Rooms 1 & 2

Access to Historical Information relating to Reports

Please note that the items within this Agenda will usually have an historical context and therefore may have been considered previously by the Council, Cabinet or its Committees. Whilst reports appearing on this Agenda will include a background summary, Members may wish to appraise themselves of the more detailed historical context and to do this may wish to view previous reports / minutes on the matter which are available via the Council's website: www.elmbridge.gov.uk or intranet, either by searching on the relevant topic or by committee reports. Copies of particular reports can be provided on request from the Committee and Member Services contact shown on the front of the Agenda.

Part I Items

1. Declarations of Interests
All Members present are required to declare, at this point in the meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, any personal (including financial) and/or prejudicial interest(s) in respect of any item(s) of business being considered at this meeting.

2. Planning Applications (North Area) (Page 6)

|Planning Application 2008/0865

|Planning Applications 2008/0915 & 2008/0957

|Planning Application 2008/0965

|Planning Application 2008/1041

(a) 2008/0865 120 Kings Chase, East Molesey (Page 1N)

(b) 2008/0915 Glenlyn Medical Centre, 115 Molesey Park Road, East Molesey (Page 12N)

(c) 2008/0957 46 and 48 Burwood Close, Hersham, Walton on Thames (Page 15N)

(d) 2008/0965 156 Park Close, Walton on Thames (Page 22N)

(e) 2008/1041 160b Walton Road, East Molesey (Page 32N)

An amended planning application was submitted with regard to 2008/0865 - 120 Kings Chase East Molesey, and accordingly an |addendum to the agenda was considered by the Sub-Committee.

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