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Health & Safety at Work Checklist

Listed below are questions to ask regarding the management of Health & Safety in the workplace. The answers to these questions will help you decide which of the following you need for the size of your business and its activities. This is only a brief guide and you may need more specific advice for your business.

Health and Safety Checklist
Fire Safety
  • How do I undertake a Fire Risk Assessment?
  • What fire precautions are required?
  • Further advice can be obtained from the local Fire Prevention Officer - Walton Fire Station,
    Hersham Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey Tel: 01932 262478
    or from |Communities and Local Government website.
First Aid
Accident Reporting
Hazardous Substances
Manual Handling
Display Screen Equipment
Personal Protective Clothing
General Risk Assessment
  • Do you have more than 5 employees?
  • Have you recorded your risk assessment?
  • Have employees been trained on the findings?
  • Link to |HSE risk assessment examples
Work Equipment
  • Is the workplace properly ventilated, lit, heated and clean?
  • Is it overcrowded?
  • Are there sufficient toilets and washing facilities plus rest rooms?
  • Are there sufficient clothing lockers and a supply of wholesome drinking water?
  • Link to |HSE Workplace publication
Information for Employees
  • Have the employees received information by way of leaflet or poster?
  • Is the poster displayed where all employees can see it?
  • Link to |HSE Law publication
Safety Policy
  • Do you have more than 5 employees?
  • Do you have a written policy?
  • Have employees been trained on the policy?
  • Link to |HSE Safety Policy
Inspection Certificates
  • Do you have any lifting equipment?
  • Has it been inspected and maintained?
  • Link to |HSE Lifting pages


If you require further information or would like a Health & Safety inspection, contact |Environmental Health & Licensing or view our |Health & Safety at Work webpages for more details.

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