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Elmbridge Business Network

Are you a local business in Elmbridge? Join the Elmbridge Business Network now for invites to free local events, to be kept informed of relevant information, and the chance to have your say on local business matters. Membership is free.Image of business people

|Sign up now (Your details will be held by Elmbridge Borough Council on behalf of the Business Network.)

Enterprise Elmbridge Bulletin

To find out more about local news relevant to businesses, view the latest |Enterprise Elmbridge Bulletin. Or sign up to the Business Network to be emailed these automatically.


The Elmbridge Business Network Committee consists of two representatives from each geographical area of the borough. Where there are local business groups, one representative comes from that group. Local groups are as follows:

|Contact details for these groups and other supporting organisations for business are available online


|Notes from the Network's Committee meetings are available to download.

more card discount scheme

|Join an initiative to increase footfall for local businesses.


The Business Network has a fund to give small grants to groups of local businesses to help set up innovative projects and initiatives. |Find out more.

For more information on the Elmbridge Business Network or to give us your views, please contact the |Organisational Development team.

For more information on other funding please see our |Grants and Funding page.


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