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Starting and Developing your Business

Online guide to starting your own business|Image of front cover of business guide

Elmbridge Borough Council has published a free online guide to starting your own business in Elmbridge. The guide is packed with tips, helpful resources and advice from local business owners who have set up and run their own businesses!

|Pageturner version

|Pdf version

If you're starting a business and looking for financial help with start up costs, check out our |Elmbridge Start Up Fund.

Elmbridge retail welcome pack

With Elmbridge continuing to thrive as a place for shops, cafes, and independents to set up business - a new welcome pack has been created for new retailers coming to the Borough. The retail welcome pack provides a simple guide to everything a new town centre shop will need, from the grant support available, information on business rates, planning and contacts for local business networks.

|Elmbridge retail welcome pack part one (Pages 1 to 8)

|Elmbridge retail welcome pack part two (Pages 9 to 16)

We also have a |grant scheme available to local businesses to help improve their business and the wider economy. Up to 90% funding is available for projects such as shop front improvements, promotions and marketing, learning skills and training initiatives and community initiatives.

Relevant services

|Find out more about business rates

|Find out more about planning

|Find out more about licensing and registration

|Find out more about food hygiene

|Find out more about health and safety

Other sources of help and advice

The government website |GOV.UK has a wide range of business advice and resources.

|HMRC offers advice on starting a business.

The |Enterprise M3 Growth Hub provides free, expert advice, resource network and access to a business support helpline.

Apprenticeship Grants

|Grants are available for small and medium businesses (less than 250 employees) who wish to take on their first apprentice.

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