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Volunteering - Getting Involved in the Community

If you want to make a difference to your local community then why not be a volunteer? You can help the community and develop your skills at the same time. Volunteers do all sorts of things, so you're bound to find something that suits you.

|Community Support opportunities

  • Helping older and disabled people is at the heart of Community Support Services. We support local older and disabled people by offering a range of support services to enable them to remain independent and to stay at home. Please contact the |Volunteer Coordinator to find out more.

  • |Leisure opportunities
    Including |leading healthy walks, conservation work and many more.

  • |Charities
    Elmbridge Borough Council is responsible for administrating many Charities who provide funding.

  • |Voluntary Action Elmbridge
    Most volunteering is organised locally, and the best places to contact are |Voluntary Action Elmbridge (formerly Elmbridge Volunteer Bureau), library or newspaper.

Last Updated: 2/6/2015 12:51:41 PM

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