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A to Z of Services



If you cannot find what you want using the A-Z links on the left, try our main search facility which will search the whole web site or |send a question.

Click on a service title below to see details for that service.

| Tattooing01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Taxi (Vehicle Licensing Policy)
| Taxi and Minicab Licences01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Taxi Ranks (Hackney Carriage Ranks)
| Teaching03456 009 009 020 8541 9004|contact.centre@surreycc.gov.uk
| Temporary Event Notices (TENs)01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Tennis01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Tennis for Free (Tennis)01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Text Messaging (Get Connected!)01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Thames Water Utilities
| The Tip (Recycling Centres)01372 474000 01372 474972|contactus@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Theatres and Concert Halls
| Tourism and Travel 01372 474385|corporatepolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Trade Unions
| Trade Waste (Commercial Waste Disposal)01372 474000 01372 474972|contactus@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Trading Standards
| Trading Standards (Consumer Advice and Protection)
| Traffic Calming
| Traffic Lights
| Traffic Management (Traffic Calming)
| Train Enquiries/Routes/Timetables (Bus Enquiries/Routes/Timetables)
| Training (Food Hygiene and Safety Training)
| Trains
| Trams (Trains)
| Translation (Interpreters' Service)
| Transparency (Value for Money)01372 474385|corporatepolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Transport Planning
| Travel (Public Transport)
| Travel Planner (Journey Planner)
| Traveller Sites (Gypsy Liaison Officer)
| Tree Preservation (Trees)
| Trees
| Trim Trails01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Turf Pitch (Sport and Leisure Facilities)
| Twin Towns

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