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A to Z of Services



If you cannot find what you want using the A-Z links on the left, try our main search facility which will search the whole web site or |send a question.

Click on a service title below to see details for that service.

| Land Charges - Information01372 474195|lcharges@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Land Registry
| Landfill03456 009 009 020 8541 9004|contact.centre@surreycc.gov.uk
| Landscape - Schemes01372 474778|tplan@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Landscaping (Landscape - Schemes)01372 474778|tplan@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Late Night Refreshment01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Learning Disabilities
| Learning to Drive (Motorcycle Training)
| Legal Advice for Community Groups
| Legal Services01372 474198|legalservices@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Leisure and Cultural Services01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Leisure Card (Loyalty Card)01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Leisure Centre (Xcel Leisure Complex)01932 260300 01932 260301|enquiries@elmbridgexcelleisurecomplex.co.uk
| Leisure Concessions01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Leisure Services (Leisure and Cultural Services)01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Libraries in Elmbridge
| Lice (Head Lice)
| Licensed Premises within Elmbridge
| Licensing and Registration
| Licensing: Gambling (Gambling Policy)01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Licensing: Taxis and Minicabs
| Lifeline (Careline)01372 474560|communityalarms@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Light Nuisance and Pollution01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Liquor & Entertainment Licensing01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| List Building Consent (Listed Buildings)
| Listed Buildings
| Litter
| Local Authorities (Councils (Neighbouring))
| Local Businesses and Markets
| Local History and Heritage (History and Heritage)
| Local Strategic Partnership01372 474377 01372 474932|communitystrategy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Local Tax (Council Tax )01372 474030|ltax@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Local Transport Links
| Looked after Children (Education Welfare Services)
| Lottery Licences
| Lower Mole Countryside Management Project01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Loyalty Card01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Lyme Disease

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