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A to Z of Services



If you cannot find what you want using the A-Z links on the left, try our main search facility which will search the whole web site or |send a question.

Click on a service title below to see details for that service.

| HACCP01372 474750|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hackney Carriage Ranks
| Hallmarking
| Halls for Hire (Public Halls in Elmbridge)
| Have Your Say (Consultation)01372 474385|corporatepolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hazardous and Toxic Substances
| Hazardous Chemicals
| Hazardous Waste01372 474000 01372 474972|contactus@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Head Lice
| Health
| Health & Safety Service Standards (Food and Health & Safety Service Standards)01372 474750|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Health and Medical Care
| Health and Safety at Work01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Health and Safety Training
| Health and Social Care Information Centre (Adult Social Care Outcomes)
| Health Centres (Health and Medical Care)
| Health Promotion
| Health Statement
| Healthwatch Surrey
| Healthy Walk Programme01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hedges and Scrub Land
| Help at Home
| HGV Management and Signing (Abnormal Loads)03456 009 009 020 8541 9004|contact.centre@surreycc.gov.uk
| High Hedges01372 474778|tplan@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Highway Structures (Bridges)03456 009 009 020 8541 9004|contact.centre@surreycc.gov.uk
| Hiring a Public Open Space (Hiring a Public Open Space for An Event)01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hiring a Public Open Space for An Event01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hiring a Public Open Space for Events 01372 474569|lettings@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Historic Buildings
| Historic Monuments (Archaeological Sites and Monuments)
| Historic Sites (Historic Buildings)
| History and Heritage
| HIV Services and Advice
| Hobbies and Interests
| Holiday Employment (Shout! Holiday Activities)01372 474634|shout@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Holiday Employment (Shout! Holiday Employment)01372 474634|shout@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Home Care Support (Respite Care)
| Home Education
| Home Information Packs (HIPS)01372 474195|lcharges@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Home Move Purchase Grants (Housing Grants)01372 474625|pshousing@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Homelessness01372 474590|housingoptions@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Horse Riding in Elmbridge 01372 474565|countryside@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Horse Riding on the Elmbridge Countryside (Horse Riding in Elmbridge )01372 474565|countryside@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hospital Discharge
| House to House Collections
| Household Waste (Refuse - Collection Service)01372 474000 01372 474972|contactus@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing01372 474632|housingpolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Associations and Co-operatives (Council Tenancies)01372 474632|housingpolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Benefits01372 474060|benefits@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Finance (Housing Rents)01372 474060|benefits@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Grants01372 474625|pshousing@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Rents01372 474060|benefits@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Strategy01372 474632|housingpolicy@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Housing Trust
| Housing Trust for Elmbridge (Housing Trust )
| Hurst Swimming Pool01372 474568|leisure@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hygiene01372 474750 01372 474915|envhealth@elmbridge.gov.uk
| Hypnotism

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