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MoleseyMolesey is divided into West Molesey, which sits below the River Thames, and East Molesey, at the point where the Rivers Mole and Thames meet.

East Molesey is situated on the Thames opposite the magnificent |Hampton Court Palace, the scene of 500 years of royal history from Henry VIII to George II.

A short hop across the river lets you explore East Molesey's shops including a couple of antique shops which are well worth a look. Alfresco dining can be enjoyed at the cafés and restaurants with attractive riverside views.

More can be found out about shopping and attractions in the area on the |Hampton Court Village website.

Visitors can enjoy pleasant riverside walks along the |Thames Path, and a one-mile self-guided |audio trail can be followed with tales from people who have lived and worked by the river. The Heritage Marker in Hurst Park, at Sadler's Ride, tells the history of the area and includes an interactive sundial, which allows visitors to tell the time using their own shadow. One of the last remaining Thames ferries, the |Hampton Ferry, crosses the river between East Molesey and Hampton.

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