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Bogus callers and distraction burglary

Photo of lady using safety chain to  look out of door linking to Distraction Burglary Awareness WeekThe appalling crime of stealing from vulnerable people by tricking them to get into their homes is known as distraction burglary; and bogus callers are the people that use guises such as 'calling from the Water Board', 'checking the gas meter', or simply 'need to use the loo'.

You can |contact your local PCSO for more information, or the Elmbridge Crime Reduction Officer can come and give security advice. If you see anything suspicious, please contact Surrey Police immediately on 999.

If the bell should ring please remember these tips:

  • Is anyone expected?
  • Is the back door locked?
  • Always put your chain on before opening the front door.
  • Ask for the callers ID and use Directory Enquiries to obtain the organisation's telephone number.

Remember if you are unsure - never let anyone in to your home. If in doubt, keep them out.

If you feel intimidated shut the door or put the phone down and report them to Trading Standards on 0845 404 0506, or contact the Police directly on 999.

If you require any further advice on distraction burglary or telephone scams, please contact Surrey Police on the non-emergency number 101.

You can also download |Stop, Chain, Check: How to beat the bogus caller - an advice leaflet with information and guidance for householders on how to protect themselves and vulnerable members of their family.

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